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While every effort is made to keep prices on this website accurate and up to date, market conditions for replacement parts change daily. All prices are subject to change at any time without notice
iPhone 4

LCD and Backcover

R 1100.00


R 500.00

LCD Screen & Digitiser

R 700.00

Motherboard Repair

R 1500 - R 2000

The iPhone 4 LCD screen and digitizer are glued together and must both be changed when either screen has broken or is not working.

Sometimes when your iPhone 4 falls, both the front glass and back will break. We can replace both broken iPhone 4 screens.

Is your iPhone 4 back cover shattered, damaged or scratched up from a fall or just has accumulated scratches over time? We can replace your iPhone 4 back cover. Your iPhone 4 back cover will look new again.

We can replace any damaged chip and find almost any fault on the iPhone 4 motherboard.  iPhone motherboard repairs can take anywhere from 1 hour to 10 days to repair depending on the amount of damage and availability of replacement chips in the market

The iPhone 4 home button is famous for its defects. Bring your iPhone 4 to us and we will replace your iPhone home button

Home Button

R 200.00

Is your iPhone 4 not lasting as long as it used to? We can replace your dead or dying iPhone 4 battery with a new battery in a few minutes.


R 300.00

Depends on the amount of damage and the exact chips, coils or diodes that need to be replaced.

Charging Dock

R 250.00

Front Camera.

R 200.00

Our services are not limited to these mentioned here. Please contact customer support   HERE   to discuss your requirements

This dock port, otherwise known as the USB port, may have pins that are bent or damaged inside.  You have problems charging or syncing your device. This may be due to the inner sensitive flex cable attached to it that is being harmed in some way.

Are you having issues taking clean pictures ? Our brand new replacement camera will insure you get the best picture from your phone without the hassle of scratched or damaged lenses and components.