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iPhone 5

Screen Replacement

Home Button

LCD Screen & Digitiser

Charger Port

Our services are not limited to these mentioned here. Please contact customer support   HERE   to discuss your requirements

Power Button


Volume Button


Rear Camera replacement

Headphone Jack.

Often when a delicate device like the iPhone is dropped from a significant height or incurs forceful impact, it can leave the glass screen on your phone cracked or even shattered. it is much more cost efficient to replace the damaged lens.

Is the home button on your iPhone 5 not working like it should? Is the physical button fine, but there issue with it registering? It is very possible there is am issue with the home button flex cable, where it is not registering it being pressed or the contacts have worn.

This high quality iPhone 5  screen replacement includes both the LCD and digitizer fused/bonded together in one assembly. When it comes to your iPhone 5, you need it to work and look like it did the day you first got it

This dock port, otherwise known as the USB port, may have pins that are bent or damaged inside.  You have problems charging or syncing your device. This may be due to the inner sensitive flex cable attached to it that is being harmed in some way.

Has your iPhone 5's volume button stopped working correctly? Has it become stuck, damaged, or cracked? These buttons can take a beating, but over time it is possible for the button to become unusable.

Has the rear camera on your iPhone 5 become damaged or non functional? The main camera on the iPhone 5 can become faulty or damaged after long-term use, water damages, or even corrosion on the connection.

Is the dock port or headphone jack not functioning as it should on your iPhone 5? We offfer brand new replacement dock port with headphone jack flex cables to repair your non working flex cable. If this flex cable is not functioning properly it can often cause issues with usability

Did the power button on your white iPhone 5 become broken or damaged in some way? If so, it can not only interfere with the look of your device, but it can also prevent you from being able to use your phone the way you need.