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Is your Nokia handset damaged and in need of a repair ?


Here at The Cellular Workshop, we are authorised to carry out Nokia repairs so we can get your mobile phone fixed and back in your hands as quickly as possible.

Screen Replacement

Drop your phone and damage the screen? On a lot of Nokia phones, particularly on newer models, the digitizer (touch screen), and the display screen, are separate components, so if you have damaged one, we can separate them and only replace the damaged screen to complete the screen repair.

Data Port

Phone not powering on or not charging? One of the more common reasons for this problem is a damaged data port. This is the name for the Micro USB port that you plug the charger into on your phone. Commonly, we see oxidation of the port, or improper use of the charger as the main reasons for this problem to occur. If this is the part that is causing the problem, then we can have that replaced and back in perfect working order.

Headphone Jack Replacement

Can't hear anything through your headphones? The headphone jack, which is the socket that you plug headphones into, can commonly get damaged on all brands of phone, and Nokia are no exception. Usually, the jack gets something stuck inside it which causes problems, or issues can be caused by oxidation or a short circuit.

Earpiece Repair

Can't hear people when you're on the phone? The earpiece is a small speaker above the screen, and is separate to the speaker used on loudspeaker.

Can't make it to our workshop ?

We can collect, repair and return

your faulty device to you

We repair all models of Microsoft & Nokia phones. We have a team of highly skilled engineers, with a vast expereince of Nokia repairs. We also supply a vast range of Nokia accessories, batteries and related products.

Please note: We do not offer  warranty on water damage repairs.

Phone's repaired under Manufacturer's  warranty come with our own 24-month warranty..

This dock port, otherwise known as the USB port, may have pins that are bent or damaged inside.  You have problems charging or syncing your device. This may be due to the inner sensitive flex cable attached to it that is being harmed in some way.

USB Charging Port

Abuse or tampering voids warranty.

The most popular repair types.