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LCD and Digitizer Screen

Loud Speaker

Charger Port

Our services are not limited to these mentioned here. Please contact customer support   HERE   to discuss your requirements

Rear Camera

Power Button

Home Button

Glass Touch Screen

Sim Card tray

Are you having image display issues on your  S3? Or, does your device have an unresponsive touch screen or physical cracks or scratches on the glass? Whatever type of screen damage may have been done to your device

Has the loudspeaker on your Samsung S3 ceased to work? Perhaps you're having problems hearing others during phone calls? If so, this can be very inconvenient as it keeps you from using your device the way you have grown accustomed to

Is the charging port socket on your Samsung S3  not working correctly? We offer a Samsung Charge Port replacement in case your pins have become broken or damaged after use

The buttons on your Samsung  S3 can become damaged in many ways - in some cases they will malfunction due to normal use and wear and tear on the device, while drops can physically damage the buttons. Whatever type of damage has occurred to your S3 buttons, we have the solution for you

Is the rear camera on your Samsung S3 giving you blurred images or photos that are not clear compared to when the phone was new? Or did you drop your device and the camera became damaged? If so, we have available high quality Samsung S3 Rear Camera Replacement.

If your sim card tray flex cable has become damaged or nonfunctional, this is the replacement cable for you! This Sim Card Tray Replacement includes the sim card tray slot and sd card slot for removable internal memory. Using this replacement flex cable on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone can allow you to read your network sim and sd card again!

Does your Samsung S3 have an issue powering on with the power button? Does the button not press correctly? This common issue with the S3 can often be caused by an issue with the power button flex cable. If this cable becomes damaged it may result in issues such as non functional power

This part is commonly used to repair a broken or scratched outer glass lens. Please note that this is only the outer glass and does not have any touch digitizer functionality.