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Touchscreen and LCD

Back battery cover

Glass Lens

Charging Port & Flex Cable

Our services are not limited to these mentioned here. Please contact customer support   HERE   to discuss your requirements

Headphone Jack

Rear Camera Cover

Rear Facing Camera

Complete Home

Button Assembly

Are you having image display issues on your  S5 ? Or, does your device have an unresponsive touch screen or physical cracks or scratches on the glass? Whatever type of screen damage may have been done to your device

This part is commonly used to repair a broken or scratched outer glass lens. Please note that this is only the outer glass and does not have any touch digitizer functionality.

Is the rear camera on your Samsung S5 giving you blurred images or photos that are not clear compared to when the phone was new? Or did you drop your device and the camera became damaged? If so, we have available high quality Samsung S5 Rear Camera Replacement.

Is your S5 back cover shattered, damaged or scratched up from a fall or just has accumulated scratches over time? We can replace your S5 back cover. Your back cover will look new again.

is your S5 failing to charge. We offer a number of  S5 parts including the Samsung Galaxy S5  charging port flex cable replacement,

The Samsung  S5 Complete Home Button Assembly is the home button at the bottom of your screen and the connecting flex that is attached to it.  This part will solve any lack or response from your home button or a broken, damaged or cracked  home button

Headphone Jack Flex Cable Replacement is the port where you plug your headphones into your phone.  If you plug your head phones in and you do not get any sound or you have poor quality sound you need this replacement part.

It seems to be a reoccuring problem that the  S5 camera lens shatters or cracks and needs replacing.  Now you do not have to purchase the compete midframe to replace the camera lens.  You can use this part and the surrounding bezel to replace the lens that sits on the midframe.